Designing a large garden is a real skill.

We cover the following points:

  1. Initial Conversation about your requirement.
  2. I will survey your gardens measurements.
  3. Make a rough sketch which is satisfactory to make a “free quote for you” whereby I will keep any drawings & surveys to myself for my understanding of the job alone and you will receive a contract price for the works i.e A patio and a fence.
  4. I will advise you if your job appears complicated and will be over the £12,000 or 100m of Paving threshold and advise that I will need to carry out a Complete Garden Design for you at £200. This covers complex designs where there are many facets to quantity survey for i.e A Patio, a Pond, A fence , a Wall , Planting & a Lawn etc in one job.
  5. Create a document which has a master drawing, a sketch, a schedule of works, a scope of works, material suggestions and photo’s, pictures of relevant past works and inspirations.

We have refined our method over the last ten years of using ‘Natural Stone’, to ensure your paving and pointing stays put for many years to come.

We dig out to at least 300mm and recycle all the hardcore. We import many tonnes of new stone and compact . We use a thick bed of strong sand & cement mortar .We lay our paving with the joints no more than 10mm to give a professional patio every time.

  • Timber Garages and Sheds
  • Chests
  • Pergolas
  • Sandpits
  • Trellis
  • Fence Repairs
  • Hardwood Gates
  • Fencing
  • Decking

We are happy to quote for all aquatic work . We can quote for any size of water feature, pond, lake or river bank restoration project.

Whether you have a new pond planned or an existing pond which needs updating and requires a good clean , fresh planting and a new pump , Foxley are always on hand to help.

Creating the perfect border requires skill and dedication.

We often use a membrane and a mulch to suppress weeds and retain moisture . A nice mulch also shows off your plant. Our favourite stone mulch is ‘Oyster Chippings’ from Scotland. click here to see Oyster Chippings.

Tidy Up’s – A days labour for when things get out of hand.

We can trim your hedges , prune your climbers, weed your borders , mow your grass, edge your lawn, jet wash your hard surfaces, collect your leaves & prune your perennials.

We specialise in Garden Tidy Up’s & the removal of pernicious weeds, either by organic or non organic means. Every garden has weeds and regular removal and hoeing of the soil to break the plants cycle is important. Neat translocating weedkiller can be painted onto plants such as bindweed, ground elder and nettles to start the removal. You may want your garden to look good for a special occasion or party. You may have lost sight of the weeds and nature is starting to take over – it happens but don’t worry as we are experts!

Scheduled maintenance work. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance contracts

Foxley can care for your garden all year round. One of my favourite sayings is ‘you can’t expect to have a perfect garden in the summer if you don’t put the work in the winter’.

Creating the perfect border is my passion. Often the plants can be divided to double your stock. With a few additions, timely pruning and weeding, your garden is a few moves away from being perfect. Pre season fertilization also helps the display.

Extending the season with high summer plants such as Dahlias, Chrysanthemums and bedding is a must.