Dolore aute pariatur id in sit James Dawson is Foxley Garden Design. Foxley has been running since 2000 when , after a travelling experience to Australia I started the business full time. In my first year of the business I studied Garden Design and the RHS General Horticulture at the BCA in Maidenhead. My first real gardening job was when I was 15 . This is now 20 years ago. My skills have moved on since gardening for Mrs Rae at her home in Wokingham for 2 hours a week. Within a year of starting for Mrs Rae , I was working for her daughter and there neighbour and my round built up nicely. Now 17 years old I would get pruning and tree work while at college in Henley. After College I was seduced by the bright lights of corporate employment and worked for Microsoft , ICL , HP & Fujitsu as a nerdy techy type . Even then I would get small jobs from my colleagues - building decking , paving , using sleepers , laying turf, busting jungles and pruning trees and shrubs . Since starting Foxley I have now designed and built many hundreds of gardens and patios. You will not be dissapointed with my attention to detail and our desire to understand and please the customer. Many of the skills I have and the desire to ‘do the job right’ I get from my Dad who is a committed DIY’er . For as long as I can remember I have learned from him . Relaying york stone flags for our neighbours , planting hedges, turfing , concreting , building walls , patios , conservatorys etc. From my Mum, I get the names of the plants and the ability to make a show of your garden - she’s well good at it !
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Wokingham , Binfield , Henley on Thames, Reading , Bracknell Forest , Ascot , Crowthorne, Sandhurst , Maidenhead , Windsor .